Newsletter November 2022

Newsletter November 2022

Meet The Team


This month let’s get to know a bit more about Pook, our Operations Manager from Thailand.

Do you have a nickname? Pook is my nickname
Which Freight Mart branch are you at? Thailand
Which year did you join Freight Mart International? September 2018
Favourite/Go to Snack Food? Chocolate Bar
Pets? I don’t have pets, but I’m a dog lover
What do you do in your spare time? Sewing, cooking
Sports – Playing or watching – both or neither? Neither
Most used App? YouTube, Spotify
What was your first paying job? Waitress
Who inspires you? Lot of people
Biggest Fear? Confined space
When you were a kid what did you want to be when you grew up? Poet
Favourite Books, Movie or TV shows? The Lord of the Rings
Coffee or tea? Tea, please
What is your most prized possession? All my books, they are priceless
If you could choose a superpower, what would it be? Teleportation
Do you have a secret talent? Drawing
What is your workout song? I usually listen to a podcast while working out
What’s the top destination on your must-visit list? San Diego, California
What’s your most-used emoji?

At Freight Mart

Employee Milestones And Celebration

Staff Milestones

Xin Ke Loh (Coco)   4 Years

Staff Birthdays

Kanthana Wissavachatkul  10/11   |  Linda Laking   15/11   |  Mikaela Thompson   26/11

Jerome Gallagher Visited Our Partner in Singapore

Our Corporate Account Manager, Jerome Gallagher, and his family visited Singapore last week and connected with our agency team Speedmark Consolidation Services Pte Ltd.

Jerome met with Paul, Arianna, James, Gabriel, Rosy, and Celia. It seems many changes are afoot in Singapore shipping currently. The PSA port is slowly being moved out from the Harbor Front area opposite Sentosa Island to Tanjong Pagar. The old port area land is being converted into residential Condos and buildings due to a rise in demand for housing

Since the epidemic struck, Singapore had to deal with the decommissioned port which was recommissioned so that the vessels could unload and load the cargo to keep the ships moving. Singapore is still suffering due to the Covid outbreak with tourism down, and many businesses still closed, and they are starting to feel the effects of inflation, and interest rate increases. On top of all this, they are also dealing with a surge in fuel prices, where costs are as high as 2.80 per litre.

Jerome was delighted to meet the Speedmark team and we thank you for your hospitality.

Melbourne Cup 2022

The Freight Mart International team enjoyed a Melbourne Cup Luncheon to watch the race that stops a nation. With a growing team at Freight Mart, the logistics of getting us all together for a lunch is getting harder but it is still always nice when are able to achieve this.

We ran some sweepstakes for the staff and had a best dressed competition on the day. Congratulations to Hannah Coppen (Client Services) who won the best dressed.

Our VIP Customer Visited Malaysia Office

Thanks Philip and Dinesh for visiting our team in Malaysia recently, and it was a true pleasure meeting with you.

Our Regional Director, Kevin Chua warmly welcomes our customers and can provide assistance in navigating trade relationships within Malaysia and South East Asia. If you are looking to expand your business, outsource your administrative staffing resources or source new products from Malaysia instead of other countries, please contact your Freight Mart representative to discuss how we can further support your business.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to implement strong foundations for your requirements and we look forward to our valued business relationship.